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Creating a cleaner, safer and healthier office environment.

With Pure Green Cleaning Services, the benefits go far beyond appearances. You'll enjoy a consistently cleaner, healthier, more breathable workplace. Pure Green is a cleaning contractor serving businesses with the green cleaning industry best practices.

Pure Green helps your company increase productivity with a healthier work environment. Our professionally trained cleaning experts out perform traditional janitorial services by safely, thoroughly sanitizing high-traffic, high-touch areas and improving indoor air quality.

Our green cleaning practices remove dust mites, pollen, mold, yeast, bacteria and other pathogens for a more sanitary, breathable environment. That especially important in sealed construction office buildings, which can trap pollutants indoors.

Our commercial-grade products, equipment and processes help ensure a healthier, safer environment for your employees while reducing the chemical exposure in the workplace.

Whether you use Pure Green Cleaning Service to supplement your building janitorial service or you hire us as your cleaning contractor, you can trust Pure Green to safely, thoroughly get your office sparkling clean.

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Pure Green delivers value by improving the quality and condition of your facility. Here how our service is good for your bottom line:

  • Lower rates of illness and absenteeism. Pure Green cleaning eliminates illness-causing pathogens and germs from high-touch, high-traffic areas without toxic chemicals.
  • Better air quality. Our products, equipment and processes reduce allergens and pollutants in the air to improve office air quality.
  • Healthier employees and higher productivity. A true green cleaning program can impact employee well-being, satisfaction and morale.
  • Solid value. Our advanced green cleaning techniques make comprehensive cleaning and sanitation more efficient and cost-effective than you might expect.
  • Good corporate citizenship. As an advocate for safer, earth-friendly cleaning, you’re showing your employees and clients that you care about their health and the environment.
  • An impeccably clean workplace. Our highly trained professional cleaners leave your office sparkling clean, sanitized and ready to impress your clients.

Our methods eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses while minimizing exposure to hazardous cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.

The Pure Green process includes tackling those high-touch, high-traffic areas to safely eliminate pathogens without toxic chemicals.

Our highly trained professional cleaners leave your office sparkling clean, sanitized and ready to impress your clients.

Pure Green commercial cleaning services include both regularly scheduled routine maintenance and deep cleaning, available to fit your schedule.

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