The Pure Green Difference

Pure Green Cleaning Service is San Antonio only exclusively green cleaning service. We are committed to the health and safety of our clients and their environments. That is why we use only Green Seal certified cleaning products, green equipment is certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute, and green processes.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Every product we use in your home or office is non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable, non-flammable, without dye, and contains no hazardous ingredients. We only use environmentally preferred products for disinfection purposes.

Green Equipment

The right tools make cleaning more efficient and create healthier spaces, too.

Pure Green uses vacuum cleaners that meet the standard requirements for the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Program and/or are LEED compliant.

We only use vacuums that pass performance tests on soil removal, dust containment, and carpet appearance retention. Green vacuums are required to operate at less than 70 dBA sound levels and capture particulates down to .3 micron in size.

Pure Green uses microfiber mop pads and cloths because they are more effective than traditional cleaning tools and eliminate more bacteria. Ordinary cloth fiber simply pushes around the dirt and dust. Microfiber cloths scrape the soil from the surface and store the particle in the cloth, reducing the need for water and cleaning agents. There are approximately 200,000 microfibers in one square inch, and each fiber is 100 times finer than that of human hair.

The result, you ask? — Our microfiber mop pads are more effective than traditional mops and eliminate 99% of bacteria, while our microfiber cloths are 4 times more effective than ordinary cloths!

Green Processes

When it comes to cleaning, we believe that details matter. That is why we follow our systematic green processes on every single job. We clean top to bottom and back to front in a clockwise pattern to leave everything as clean as possible. Our signature color-coding system for cleaning cloths and mop pads eliminates cross-contamination. Your cleaning experts use one color of fresh cleaning cloths and mop pads per room. This system ensures that cleaning cloths and mop pads are limited to one use per room and changed out frequently throughout our cleaning.

Ongoing Training

We treat training like we treat cleaning: seriously! That is how we ensure that you get consistent, reliable and professional service.

Every Pure Green team member goes through a thorough background check and is trained on all of our green procedures and signature cleaning processes, including:

  • Proper use of cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Systems to avoid cross-contamination
  • Safety and ethics training

Every employee starts with at least 12 hours of training upon starting and receives an additional 24 hours of in-service training, continuing education, and/or professional development opportunities on an annual basis.

We had Maribel and her staff come in and clean our home for almost a year now. They did an excellent job and were very diligent about cleaning every detail of our home. The first thing we noticed was how clean the air seemed. Their attention to detail was amazing. Not many businesses operate like that these days. If you have a cleaning job that you want done the right way, we highly recommend Pure Green Cleaning Service.

About Green Seal certification

The Green Seal certification is a universal symbol that proves a product or service meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Pure Green only uses products that are Green Sealâ„¢ certified or environmentally preferred.

We proudly use certified products

About Carpet and Rug Institute (CPI) certification

The Carpet and Rug Institute ensures that equipment provides cleaning efficiency. It uses science-based information to test and measure the effectiveness of cleaning products and equipment.

A seal of approval for the carpet and rug institute.

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