Post-Construction Cleaning

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When your Post Construction or renovation project is complete, the cleaning experts at Pure Green are ready to help you get your home or building clean, safe and spotless.

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized process that involves removing all of the dust, debris and contaminants that are introduced during the construction and renovation projects. At Pure Green, we provide post-construction services on jobs from home to large commercial construction sites.

The Pure Green Difference

At Pure Green, we provide comprehensive post-construction cleaning services using an advanced system of cleaning that promotes a safer and healthier surrounding for people, while also minimizing the impact on the environment.

The Pure Green system removes allergens, irritants and germs, leaving your new space healthier, safer and cleaner. One will literally breathe easier in their new building with thorough, professional post-construction cleaning by Pure Green.

The 3 stages of Post-Construction Cleaning

1. Rough Clean
This is the first step in the process, which takes place when the construction is almost complete. Pure Green cleaning experts will remove trash and debris, help prep surfaces and clean before the final stage of the project, such as painting and flooring installation.

2. Final Cleaning
This is the full and final cleaning that happens after all contractor activity is complete. Our trained cleaning professionals know that during the construction process, dust and dirt will get into places that you would never expect. Trust the professionals at Pure Green to provide a comprehensive, thorough cleaning that leaves your new space sparkling and ready for move-in.

3. Touch Up
Sometimes last-minute punch list items come up after the final cleaning. That is why Pure Green offers our “Touch Up” services on an as-needed basis after we have completed the final clean. We will work on these particular areas that need attention after your team has completed any final tasks to make sure any additional issues are taken care of.

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We provide all cleaning materials, including industrial-grade vacuums and our signature color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth system to avoid cross-contamination.

Just wanted to take a moment to officially say "Thank You" for all that you do and for the value-added service that you enable me to provide to my customers. Your attention to detail and passion for doing things right sets you apart from the crowd. Every time I have used your services for post-construction clean up, we have been able to return the home or office in better than pre-loss condition and deliver a completely satisfied customer. I feel truly fortunate to have you in my circle of trusted professionals. Thank You for all that you do!

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